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How to Enrol

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16-18 Enrolment Date & Times

If you have gone through the application process, attended your interview and been offered a place, you will have been sent an enrolment slot.

If you have not received this or haven’t applied, please just turn up during any of the dates and times here

25/08/2022 Thursday 11AM-7PM
26/08/2022 Friday 10AM-4PM
27/08/2022 Saturday 11AM-3PM

30/08/2022 Tuesday 10AM-7PM
31/08/2022 Wednesday 10AM-7PM

01/09/2022 Thursday 10am-7pm
02/09/2022 Friday 10am-4pm
03/09/2022 Saturday 11am-3pm
05/09/2022 Monday 10am-7pm


06/09/2022 Tuesday 10am-7pm
07/09/2022 Wednesday 10am-7pm
08/09/2022 Thursday 10am-7pm
09/09/2022 Friday 10am-4pm
10/09/2022 Saturday 11am-3pm

20/09/2022 Tuesday 10am-5pm
21/09/2022 Wednesday 10am-5pm
22/09/2022 Thursday 10am-5pm
23/09/2022 Friday 10am-4pm


Free Bus Pass

All 16-18 students who enrol with us at Cadbury College will receive a FREE bus pass. We will provide you with a Term Plus Travel Card that allows travel on West Midlands buses. You can travel at any time, including evenings and weekends. The free bus pass is for all students, regardless of circumstances. Cadbury Sixth Form College is serviced by fantastic public transport links across the city of Birmingham and the wider area. This will be renewable termly if you keep up a good record of progress, behaviour and attendance. 

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You will need to bring a copy of your GCSE results and a form of ID (Passport, National ID Card, Driving Licence, Birth Certificate, National Insurance Card or Bank Credit/Debit Card)

Enrolment begins on Thursday 25th August. Whatever your results, come in and talk to your teachers and we can find a course for you. When you have finished your enrolment appointment, you will be issued with your college ID card.

Please come in to enrol with us from 25th August and we will sort your application out there. You can also talk to your teachers about your course.

All places at Cadbury College are offered on a conditional basis, providing that you meet the entry requirements for your courses and we receive a good reference from your school. In the event that you do not meet the entry requirements for a specific course and the subject teacher feels you may struggle, do not worry! We still want you to come and see us at enrolment where we’ll support you to find an appropriate course which meets your interests and aspirations.

Yes of course, we are happy to talk through the courses with both yourself and your parent/guardian.

Yes, of course. We want you to be happy studying the subjects you enjoy. Just let us know you’ve changed your mind when you come in to enrol. If you have already enrolled and want to change your subjects, please call us on 0121 458 3898

We will send you a letter with details of your time and date to come in and enrol. The last step is to come in at the time and date on the letter where you will be able to meet your teachers and finalise your enrolment. If you haven’t received a letter from us, do not worry please turn up to enrolment.

If you have any questions, please contact us at admissions@cadbury.ac.uk or call us on 0121 458 3898